An idea is taking the web by storm. That idea is that you can lose a great amount of weight and be and feel slim and muscular and trim simply by taking HGH pills. It has been said that taking HGH pills will make you feel younger again, that it can help restore your sex drive, and even build muscle mass on an overweight body. This story had gotten around so much that a lot of people are asking where to find HGH for sale.

When they do find it, they are somewhat disappointed. There are no HGH pills with HGH in them. HGH is a liquid hormone, and the only way to take it is by injection. It is only available to treat dwarfism in young children who have not complete their long bone growth. A small amount is also used for research. The rest of the places where people can buy HGH are the black market dealers whose product is not guaranteed or recommended for human consumption. It is only to be take by injection, so it must be a liquid to inject. And, doing that is dangerous.

But there is, indeed, a way you can buy HGH pills. Your own body produced more HGH in your pituitary than you realized, back when you were young. In your twenties and teens, your body was producing HGH in large quantities. That is why at that age, you were active, full of excitement and vitality, and had a strong sex drive. In your forties, it tapered off and began to show lack of initiative and slowness in movement, and began to gain weight.  Things just do not seem so exciting any more, because you don’t have the energy to do it.

Now there is no excuse. You can make your body produce HGH is massive quantities, for your use alone. However much you want is available. All you have to do is take the right supplements and you can have all the HGH you want. Your brain has a gland called the pituitary, and it is there that HGH is produced. What you must do is feed the pituitary the right chemicals, and will respond. And it does! The chemicals are called harmless precursors to HGH, because they make the pituitary produce HGH through the use of the precursors.

The supplements are easy to find, and they are inexpensive. All you need to do is do the research necessary to find out which one is the best for you. Read the reviews, and do the research with viewer’s comments and forums. You will find HGH for sale.

3 Myths About Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids have obtained a bad reputation… but for reasons that have nothing to do with the supplements themselves. For years, builders have abused steroids and pushed their bodies to their limits which resulted in the belief that steroids can cause some pretty terrible things. However, when used correctly, steroids are quite safe for you and can help you to achieve the goals that you have for your body. Read on to find 3 myths that are entirely false.

Steroids Can Kill You.

This myth scares a whole lot of builders off of anabolic steroid use. However, the truth is that steroids will not kill you. If used correctly, they are incredibly safe. The trouble with steroids is when people begin to use them in excess for years. This can cause hormonal problems. As long as you take a steroid as directed, no more and no less, you will not need to worry about the “what ifs” of overuse.

All Bodybuilders Use Steroids.

This is not true. However, almost all builders do take some form of supplements to enhance their performance. This ranges from things such as vitamins up to Human Growth Hormones. HGH is often used in combination with steroids. If you are a builder, know the facts of the competition that you are entering. You do not want to disqualify yourself before the jump.

Builder Steroids are the Same as Asthma Steroids.

Survey says “Nope.” These types of enhancers were invented by an American doctor after learning that the high performance of a Soviet Olympian wrestling team was the result of testosterone use. He combined that knowledge with other enhancements to bring us the anabolic steroids that we know of today.

Steroids Will Make Me Gain Weight.

Steroids help you to gain muscle mass, so any weight that you gain on steroids, if you are eating correctly, will be from muscle gain or water retention. However, you may notice that you stay around the same weight and still look bigger thanks to fat loss that can occur from steroid use. In fact, many celebrities use the drug especially for quick weight loss and most are women.

If you are considering the use of steroids to help you increase your muscle mass and endurance, unless you are generally unhealthy, these fitness aids are quite safe. Consult a physician or an online supplier who can help you to obtain them legally.